JV Volleyball takes the Dub

Leslie Valle, Staff Writer

Helix’s Junior Varsity successfully takes the winning title for the night as the last game score played out to be 27-25.

Junior Varsity volleyball being very much different than Varsity volleyball because Varsity plays the best 3 out of 5 games whereas Junior Varsity plays the best 2 out of 3 which leaves there to much more competition for a short amount of time.

The game started out at a very rapid pace which had the audience, coach, and team players biting their nails as they saw the ball being passed back and forth in the middle of the court.

Valhalla made the first score, then serving the ball to the net instead to their players which then gives Helix the ball.

Helix then took the turn to serve the ball and raised the score from 0-1 from 5-1 making the game a tough match.first.

This first games ended up being a match of hot potato as the ball kept going back and forth, but then Helix dropped the ball which gave Valhalla the right to serve first.

Valhalla then took a vicious approach and didn’t let the ball drop as they then  raised the score from 5-1 to 5-10 as they doubled up on Helix.

Helix’s JV volleyball coach Isabel commented before the game started that although many of these girls have had experience in playing volleyball before, they’re all still working together to play as a team instead of playing for themselves.

“These girls all work equally together to create this team and the bond they have which makes them the unique team that they are.”

Valhalla being Helix’s rivalry in the Volleyball division, the Helix team players were more than happy to celebrate their winning moment as.

After the game was over both teams went to the center of the court to give the hand claps under the net that has the meaning of “good game”.

“All of them are working on their communication as they practice and while they play, so they’ve all been growing together as one big team throughout the season which makes me more than happy to see.”