Helix Declassified School Survival Guide

Leslie Valle, Staff Writer

Helix High School Senior, Hina Popal creates a new and different club to unravel the secrets to how you can survive as a Helix student on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 1840.

Popal explained that she “always wanted to start a club with a purpose” and “wanted something that could help the students and involve the senior class” as well.

With this new club at Helix not only underclassmen, but new incoming high school students enrolling into Helix are welcome to interact with other student that have attended Helix and are more than willing to give out quick tips onto whatever it is they might need help on or simply just advice.

As the mentoring club progresses, Popal explains how different this club will be for students that are shy to ask the counselors at Helix and how this club gives then an opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with a student who has maybe been through a class they are curious about taking or what club and sports they found interesting, as well as making new friends.

One of the upperclassmen apart of the club, Aliana Diaz adds that “there are so many different varieties of students that range from regular college prep classes to honors to AP classes.”

Diaz then explains how she too like Popal hopes to make a difference at Helix and wishes to guide and give advice to as many people as she can.

This club not only provides guidance to different classes, but also tips on how to make the high school life a more fun and exciting experience.

Incoming Freshman, Venice Zaragoza, hopes to gain “knowledge on how to make new friends and a better experience” at Helix as well as having “different perspectives on school.”

Popal hopes that this will aspire throughout the year and continue to do so after she graduates.