iPhone 7 Release

iPhone 7 Release

Teresa Castrejon, Staff Writer

On Sep. 7, 2016, Apple released its infamous and long, awaited iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple has also introduced a new way of payment. One can choose to pay all at once or pay monthly. The iPhone 7 is $649 or $32.41 a month and the iPhone 7 Plus is $769 or $37.41 a month.

Apple said the new way of payment is due to the fact that most people cannot pay the $700 all at once, but would be able to pay $30-40 a month. This gives more users the opportunity to own an iPhone of their own, or to upgrade.   

As with every new phone, there are also new updates and improvements. However, the biggest surprise is the lack of a headphone jack. Apple removed it in order to be able to listen to music at its highest sound. In order to use headphones one must use an adapter which comes with the iPhone.

Though there is much controversy, on the Apple official website, Apple said, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus “creates a better experience for users and includes the latest technology.”  

The New York Times addressed this controversy, when they said, “upgrading iPhones in the past was typically a no-brainer, now people must wrestle with whether to deal with the hassle of having no audio jack.”

The phone colors now include: rose gold, gold, silver, black, and the newest color jet black. The difference between the two black phones is one has a matte finish and the other is a high-gloss jet black.  

The iPhones are now made out of an incredibly strong 7000 Series aluminum rather than the ordinary glass, making the phone and camera scratch resistant. Not only is it scratch resistant it is also splash and water resistant, though it is not water resistant enough to swim with.

The iPhone 7 Plus now has two cameras, one containing a 2x optical zoom called the telephoto and the other a 10x digital zoom called the wide angle. Meaning you can get a high quality zoom from far away, “two cameras that shoot as one” said Apple.

Not only is there a new structure and higher quality camera, but Apple has also released the iOS10, you can learn more about it here…