Once Upon A Spirit Week


Leslie Valle, Staff Writer

During the first week of October, Helix Charter High School held its first homecoming spirit week of the school year the of “Once Upon A Time”.

That Monday the Helix students were challenged to tell their fairy tale stories by representing their class colors of Red (Seniors as Little Red Riding Hood), Blue (Juniors as Cinderella), Purple (Sophomores as Maleficent), and Yellow (Freshman as Beauty and the Beast).

Holly Cesena, ASB member, commented that each class did an awesome job on wearing their class colors for spirit days, but overall she thought the seniors did the best.

On Tuesday, Helix’s students showed Where the Wild Things Are spirit day of  Wacky Tuesday.

Students from all grade levels showed their crazy mix of clothes from plaid print flannels to different colored shoes and mismatched socks all in one outfit.Goggles instead of glasses and a stuffed lion in your pocket instead of your phone? I think yes, Helix students were ready to go down the catwalk.

The following day, to take the place of triplet day also known as the common childhood story of The Three Little Pigs. 

Erika Ray Gutierrez, senior at Helix and ASB member commented that triplet day is a good way of friends of three to do a spirit day together.

Even teachers and staff  participated with their awesome spunk and spirit showing that they too can have fun.

Thursday, Oct. 6 Helix was flooded with bed heads, slippers and a whole lot of pajamas, with the spirit day of the week being pajama day. Matthew Goldman, member of ASB, said that “you can really see the school spirit when people wear their pajamas.”

As you can see Helix is filled with many sleeping beauties all throughout campus.

On the final day of spirit week, Helix students represented their ultimate school spirit by doing a green out to represent the spirit we truly have during school and at the homecoming game as well.

From lower class men to upper class men Helix students showed how they can represent the fun and spirit of high school.