Film Friday


Leslie Valle, Staff Writer

San Diego’s International Film Festival was hosted in two places in San Diego, The Historic Gaslamp Quarter in Downtown Sept.r 28 -30 and at the Arc Light Cinemas in the seaside community of La Jolla Oct. 1-2.

On Sept. 30 2016, the annual San Diego Film Festival for kids in middle school up to teens in high school had the opportunity to experience a bit of SDIFF for themselves.

In the beginning of the day the kids  were able to spend a bit of the first half of Friday watching “Crossing Bhutan,” a documentary directed by Ben Henretig, for them to see how independent documentaries have developed recently to be a call to action for various reasons.

Analissa Torres, senior at Helix, commented that she loved how the documentaries are now being portrayed to shine a light on certain problems in life and the life and adventure of others.

After this event, a panel of current and previous actors were invited to host a mini question and answer mini session with the students to explore the ideas that anyone had of how anyone started off in the film industry and any pointers of to get involved.

Later when this panel was over another panel with current and former San Diego State University students as well as a teacher was presented to the students for them gather more information on what they might expect if anyone in the audience was interested in joining any field in the film industry.

Torres also commented on how she was able to apply her skills of studying film at Helix with the films shown and was able to ask well thought out questions to the people presented at the boards.

Students from San Diego State University answered any questions or comments that any of the students had about the film or television industry and were able to share their own experiences about being a part of the film industry.

Rilyn Gardner, student from Helix Charter High School, asked about what requirements does one have to meet in order for an incoming Freshman into San Diego State University to be a part of the theater program which collaborates with the film program.

The San Diego State University students then responded to Rilyn that they “look for unique people that are not only meet the standards to be a student [in SDSU], but that also bring a whole different personality and perspective.”

After this panel was over, “Mile 19”, a short documentary, was the last film to be shown to the students before their field trip was over.

Once the credits were over, not only were the director, Vincent DeLuca, and the producer of the documentary brought onto a surprise panel for the students to interview, but as well as the star of the documentary, actor Johnnie Jameson.

DeLuca’s  documentary portrayed the message that no matter what a person does in life and no matter who you are, as long as you are optimistic and positive, you will have an authentic and meaningful life and will have a purpose to continue feeling the same way.

Jameson then added on after the screening of his documentary, that his purpose for also being a part of the making in the documentary was because he wanted to show students with the interest about film production that it’s okay not to feel confident in what they want to do or what they want to explore in, tha as long as it makes them happy then do it and go for what you want to achieve.

After students and teachers had the chance to ask any further questions they had in mind for anyone in the panel, the film festival came to an end.

Joy Baber, senior at Helix, explained how going to the film festival and being able to ask any questions and have the opportunity of asking professionals about their own experiences and knowledge, it made her appreciate the learning opportunity she has at Helix being able to take a film class and applying the skills to an event that has a focus on film

The San Diego International Film Festival is one of the very few opportunities kids have to interact with students and various people that work in the range in the film industry and classes, such as theater, television, production, and film. Students and teachers are able to share any questions about being in the film production and expand their knowledge on how film is changing throughout time.