More attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan


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From 2001 to present day, the war in Afghanistan has taken the lives of American soldiers, Afghan civilians, and more. A terrorist group, the Taliban, has been a source of several deadly attacks, especially in Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul. More recently on November 13, 2019, attacks in the city of Kabul, Afghanistan by Taliban forces caused more tragic deaths of Afghan civilians. 

The war in Afghanistan originally started with the September 11, 2001 attacks in the U.S. by Al-Qaeda forces. Former President George W. Bush made the decision to use armed forces against Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations that had the potential to cause harm to U.S. citizens in the country or abroad. By using their armed forces, the U.S. bombed several Taliban forces and pressured Afghan leaders to hand over Osama Bin Laden, who they believed was the leader behind the September 11 attacks. With the Taliban refusing to hand over Osama Bin Laden, the war raged on even after Bin Laden was shot and killed in the year 2011, according to CFR’s article, “The U.S. War.”

Eight years later, the United States and the Taliban were negotiating peace talks to take U.S. troops off of Afghan soil and to have the Taliban agree to a counter-terrorism deal to prevent fears of an attack on American soil. However, this left out the Afghan government who,“criticized it for lacking measures that would ensure stability,” writes Peter Baker of The New York Times. The Taliban refused to directly negotiate with the Afghan government until an agreement with the United States was made. 

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However, a suicide car bombing in Kabul by the Taliban on September 5, 2019 killed a U.S. soldier. Due to this, President Trump and his advisers deemed it unjust to hold the Taliban for peace negotiations when the bloodshed continued, reports Baker. 

Because of the death of the American soldier, President Trump called off peace-talks all together. The Taliban responded to this by explaining that it’s “committed to continuing negotiations,” but warns that the cancellation will cause an increase in the number of deaths,” reports CFR

The attacks that occurred on November 13, 2019 might be an outcome of the ending of the peace treaty. As the Taliban stated, continuing peace negotiations is important to them, but warned that the end of the peace meeting would result in more deaths. This attack was caused by yet another suicide car bomber who killed twelve citizens, including three children, and seriously wounded twenty others.

With ongoing attacks by the Taliban, it is unclear when the war will finally end. With no agreement with the United States, the Taliban are most likely not going to make negotiations with the government of Afghanistan as stated before. Though Trump’s reasons for ending the peace negotiations was just and for a good reason, both American and Afghan lives will be spent as the Taliban continue their ongoing attacks.