Surfing the Catacombs


Ivanna Arrizon, Staff Writer

On Oct. 13, famous Naked and Afraid survivor, Alison Teal, took her pink board 150 meters below ground and became the first person to surf the forbidden Catacombs in Paris.

The Catacombs are known as the world’s largest grave, storing roughly about six million skeletal remains, thus being completely forbidden and illegal to trespass over, said

According to Daily News, hearing stories from her father on Halloween about the Catacombs influenced her need to go.

In an interview with the New York Post, Teal admits to have always wanted to be Indiana Jones and a surfer, so in this adventure she combined both.

According to the New York Post, Teal went in with a camera crew, who have remained anonymous, as guides and helpers to record her thrilling adventure.

To reach the spot, Teal and her crew had to climb down a drain and crawl through piles of human bones in the middle of the night, said

Teal told Daily News the caves got narrower and narrower until they had to crawl on all fours to get through, stating it was suffocating, due to the minimal oxygen down in the caves.

During an interview with Time Magazine, Teal said skulls lined the walls and it smelled horrid, as soon as someone turned a corner, you had no idea where they went.”

Teal told News Magazine, “we got down to one of the lowest levels when all of a sudden water started flooding the tunnels. It was time to surf. The water was freezing — some of the coldest I’ve been in and I was wearing just a bikini.”

According to Daily News, Teal also stated after a while the water level rose increasingly, making it impossible to leave the way they came in, the only option she and her crew had was to continue forward.

Teal told Daily News “In the end we all had to swim through it and there was just a little gap at the top of the chamber to breathe. It was terrifying. I had to stop filming, it just became about survival. By the end we were just shaking.”

Teal does not recommend this adventure to anyone, even to survival experts, said Daily News.

Although despite her near death experience, Teal told News she doesn’t regret completing her quest. “I didn’t go down there to be disrespectful, I believe in education through adventures” said Teal.

According to Time Magazine, Teal said that experienced changed her life forever, “for me being down there with all those lost souls, it was like stepping back in time, it was like walking through ancient history.”Image result for alison teal surfing the catacombs

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