We Want Your Blood

We Want Your Blood

Leslie Valle, Staff Writer

Got blood? We want it!!

Helix Charter High School hosted it’s blood drive – which comes three times throughout the school year – with students, staff and the local San Diego Blood Bank provider.

Students ages 16 and up voluntarily sign up by filling out health forms a few days beforehand to donate a unit of blood which usually gets used the same day. The blood donated is getting taken and spread throughout different hospitals.

For many of the students who volunteered to donate at this event was, it not their first time.

Ryan Gwin, Junior at Helix, said “I have donated blood two other times before this day..I feel likes it’s really important teenagers have such a huge impact on the many people that need blood donated to them.”

For teens ages 16 years and older, students are allowed to donate again two weeks following donation.

Junior, Jaize Holt, one of the blood drive coordinators for Helix, commented ,“these blood drives come to high schools to target students at younger ages to become blood and organ donors when they become older.”

Teens that are involved at an earlier age will have a higher chance of volunteering to donate blood once again not only because they are rewarded with community service hours and free food for participating, but because they become motivated to help a greater cause.   

Holt added that “more students who donate blood become active in donating.”

Many of the Helix students seem to be on the same page. After the first time donors start to see the bigger purpose instead of just fearing a larger needle and the amount of blood you are getting taken out, but donors rather consider how they are saving a life.

Raven Vasquez, Junior at Helix and blood donor, said even though she might have had a fear of donating blood at first, there was always that upper hand of facing and realizing that you’ve made a change in the world with just one decision.

The majority of these teens feel and know that they are helping many people in need for blood which makes this experience for them worth the lives of many as well as encouraging them to attend the blood drive more.

For more information about the San Diego Blood Drive go to SDBB.org.