Blackmarket Bakery Review

Sofia Jacobo, Co-Editor in Chief

Located in the heart of North Park, San Diego, the Black Market Bakery is stationed in the perfect place: in the center of foot traffic, featuring trendy upcoming restaurants and new apartments.

At first glance, the bakery presents customers with a warm and inviting presence. A beach cruiser bike decorated with baking utensils and lettering stands in front of the bakery, drawing customers in with curiosity. Walking into the bakery is just the beginning of this amazing as dining experience. 


With silver and rose gold wood surrounding the bakery, the atmosphere was something I had never experienced in my life. Every last piece of furniture fit the trendy modern theme of the bakery.


The bathroom was decorated as well with a gold pattern that perfectly corresponded with the rest of the bakery.

The menu contains everything you would need for a quick coffee date, fulfilling lunch or even a sweet treat.


As you order and wait in line, the bakery’s very own bread and coffee greet you and provide eye-candy.



The wait is around five to seven minutes, which is relatively short, considering the employees make everything fresh.


The Phoenix sandwich and the Pumpkin Pie Tart fall nothing short of amazing. The sandwich contained everything essential for a great lunch, perfectly toasted bread, turkey, ham, cheese and of course, avocado. The tart was a perfect way to say “hello” to Thanksgiving with pumpkin spice, whipped cream, and caramel.



The lunch was exquisitely amazing and I was sad to leave it. On the way out, I went through the patio, that once again astonished me with the modern landscaping and garden of succulent plants.

It was a perfectly landscaped area with chairs to enjoy your meal outdoors and an entertaining cut out prop perfect for a cute photo. The Blackmarket Bakery presented me with a beyond pleasant experience, and I will undoubtedly visit again very soon.

The Blackmarket Bakery can only be described in one word: wow.