Songs to make you feel cozy this autumn


I’ve Got You Under My Skin by Frank Sinatra

For some people, Frank Sinatra’s songs may remind them more of December and Christmas than any other time of the year, especially not autumn. But this song makes me feel like I usually do when decorating the house with autumn decorations. It actually is what I played when I did that this month. Frank Sinatra is one of my favorite artists, has been for a while, and I can say that all his songs make me feel very safe and comfortable.

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Man On The Moon by Zella Day

This song was told to me by somebody else to put in the article so I gave it a listen and let me tell you, it makes me feel very cozy. It’s a tad bit loud and that could be an issue for some, but the singer’s voice is very calming. I feel especially calmed when there’s a group of people singing a lyric together towards the end of a song, and that’s exactly what this song has. Maybe not everybody will feel comforted by it, but I personally think it’s a really good song and I’d like to listen to it every time I feel upset about literally anything.

Why Am I Still In LA by Joji (feat. Shlohmo & D33J)

All of Joji’s songs make me feel comforted and sad in one emotion, and this one isn’t any different. His voice is soothing and soft, and the effects in the background are gentle and remind me of a lullaby or something of the sort.


Comfort Crowd by Conan Gray

It’s in the title. I absolutely love Conan’s voice in the beginning. The lyrics probably sound the complete opposite of comforting in the beginning, but once you get to the chorus, you really won’t care. I love all of Conan’s music and his voice soothes me, so I recommend all of his songs, really. He came out with Maniac on October 25th, so if you end up loving him as much as I do, plan to listen to it if you haven’t already.

Lights Up by Harry Styles

So, I’m late in listening to this song. I’m sorry, I know, I know. I heard it came out and then forgot to listen to it and someone mentioned it and I gasped and listened to it. Anyway, this song makes me feel comfy!! Harry Styles has such a soothing voice as it is (think back to “Sign Of The Times”) and the instrumentals themselves in certain parts of the song really push it further. He never disappoints me. He’s probably the love of my life, not going to lie.

Why Do Fools Fall In Love by Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers

Nobody recommended this song to me and this is the type of music I tend to enjoy listening to. This type of music itself is very calming to me because it makes me feel as

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if everything is okay and nothing bad can happen to me. I found myself singing it for a half-hour yesterday. It’s been stuck in my head.

Futile Devices (Doveman Remix) by Sufjan Stevens

I never watched the movie (I’M SORRY) but someone mentioned this song so I listened to it and I felt such an overwhelming sense of calm that I haven’t really felt in a while. Some people may not like it, but I really enjoy it. It’s something I would listen to at night when I can’t sleep. Very calming- ten out of ten.