Delshawn Traylor: The Swiss Army Knife


Photo via Twitter

Taking on the eighth ranked team in the nation, you’re going to need all the help you can get. Having a player like Delshawn Traylor can certainly be beneficial for a football team, especially when he breaks 62-yard runs like he did against Cathedral. A quarterback, a defensive back, a kick returner, a running back, and even a wide receiver– he can do it all.

This is the story of Delshawn Traylor, Helix’s Swiss Army knife.

A devastating broken leg kept Delshawn out for most of his freshman year. However, he took advantage of the playing time he had and played well enough to impress Coach Owens. He made the jump to varsity his sophomore year and had an instant impact. Whether it was rushing, passing, or receiving the football, Delshawn had the ball in his hands more often than not. He had almost 600 all-purpose yards and ten total touchdowns, with his biggest role being in the run game. Delshawn was also effective on the defensive side of the football, totaling one forced fumble and multiple tackles. 

Junior year saw a big improvement from Delshawn. He had an increase in passing yards, rushing yards, and total touchdowns, as well as defensive interceptions. Not only did Delshawn play varsity basketball and run track, but he also excelled in the classroom. This combination of athleticism and academics grabbed the attention of many college coaches, including those from USD and Southwest Minnesota State. However, Delshawn decided to both serve his country and play Division I football at Army West Point, a respectable choice. With college commitment over with, it was time to go crazy senior year.

As he prepared to lead Helix towards a tenth CIF championship, Delshawn was named a captain by his teammates and coaches. He is a natural born leader, and you can see it on the football field. Delshawn has led Helix to multiple upsets so far this year, including one against Cathedral, the eighth ranked team in the nation. With over 100 rushing yards already and three touchdowns, he’s on track for another amazing season.

Delshawn’s timely ability to break big runs and stretch the field in the clutch makes him an incredibly special player. You don’t find many athletes his age who can play such a wide variety of positions at such a high level. As he finishes his senior year at Helix and makes the move to Army, make sure you continue to watch Delshawn play. You’ll be sure to see a little magic on the football field. After all, he is the Swiss Army knife.