Senator Joel Anderson enlists the help of Helix students


Photo via American Legislative Exchange Council

A new opportunity has arisen for students at Helix to volunteer for Senator Joel Anderson. Students will walk door to door in a community asking residents about problems they think need to be resolved. At the end of the volunteer work, the volunteers will receive a signed letter of recommendation from the Senator himself.  But let’s dig a bit deeper on who Senator Anderson is and what students are signing up for.

Senator Anderson is a California Republican Politician who is running for San Diego Supervisor 2020. Senator Anderson has accomplished a variety of goals such as keeping the public safe, ensuring Californians’ prosperity, honoring those who have served, and helping keep privacy for Californians online.

In his first year, Senator Anderson created a piece of legislation that would, “require the California Public Employees’ Retirement System and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System to divest from companies that violated federal law by doing business in the Islamic Republic of Iran. This legislation called for the divestment of over $24 billion of our public pensions from the Islamic Republic of Iran – the top exporter of terrorism throughout the world”(Senator Joel Anderson).

Along with these accomplishments made by the Senator, he has faced some drawbacks in the past years. A year ago in September 2018, Senator Anderson threatened to “b***h-slap” a female lobbyist and became increasingly more agitated until bystanders intervened. Because of this, Senator Anderson was ruled with violating the Senate Code of Conduct (State Sen. Joel).

But a year later, Senator Anderson is going strong to overcome problems in California. Some of the new issues that Anderson is looking to resolve are creating more affordable housing, additional services for people that are homeless and face mental illness, further public safety, along with other goals.

In order to achieve some of the objectives in mind, Senator Anderson has offered an opportunity for students at Helix and for those at other high schools. Senator Anderson’s worker, Thaddeus, came into different classes across campus and explained how the signed letter of recommendation would appeal to colleges in return for volunteer work. Many students are striving to get good grades and perform well in school in order to get a higher education, so it is quite right that this volunteer opportunity would appeal to our students at Helix.

What does the volunteer work require? As the worker explained to the students, volunteering would consist of going door to door and asking citizens about problems they are concerned about in their community. This would also involve driving with a chaperone, who is also a volunteer, but not background checked. That last part may seem concerning, but ultimately, talking to the staff may be the best solution as is confiding in one’s parents for opinions.

Volunteering also includes 6 hours a week divided into 2 hour sessions. This last part does seem like a lot to take in. With many students in challenging classes and extracurriculars, 6 hours a week may seem like a large load to take in.


Ultimately, it is up to the students to decide if volunteering for Senator Anderson is an appealing activity, along with understanding what the work involves, who it involves, and if they are truly interested in the experience in addition to the signed letter of recommendation.