Paul Manafort Sentenced after Mueller Report

Photo via CNN

Although Donald Trump was elected as the 51st president, there have been allegations that Russia was involved in the 2016 election.

Robert Mueller, a government official and lawyer, was appointed to this assignment by Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General.

Mueller accused Trump’s former campaigner, Paul Manafort, with false statements and, “failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts. Manafort and Gates initially pleaded not guilty to the charges,”  states, Fox News writer  Kaitlyn Schallhorn. And just nearly months later, Manafort was hit with more charges, causing him to plead guilty on Feb. 23.

Now, former campaigner, Paul Manafort is sentenced to seven years for both charges. 

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Pic cred: The Boston Globe

This has been an ongoing investigation from the start of the election in 2016 to 2019. Many different sources have interpreted this investigation; they have either said that Russia had nothing to do with the 2016 Presidential Election or that Russia has compromised the election.

According to BBC News, Mueller was looking into, “The Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the election, Any links or co-ordination between Russia and Trump campaign-linked individuals, Any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation,”  and so far, 34 people have been charged with wrongdoing but somehow the president gets off safe.

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With all of his evidence and targeting, Mueller did not succeed in proving Russia was involved in the 2016 election. Schallhorn stated, “His investigation led to charges for several Trump campaign associates, though none of the charges were directly related to misconduct by the president’s campaign.” Although Mueller had enough evidence to prove the election polls were shifted due to Russia, Donald Trump was not guilty.


After the report, CNN reported that it wouldn’t change Donald Trump’s political future even if he was proven guilty.