Super Scotties Olympics 2019

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For her senior project, Veronica Berg, Junior at Helix Charter High School took on the task along with the help of teacher Kim Fleming, to plan an Olympic game for Special education students at Helix also known as our Super Scotties on April 5, 2019.

Photo via Kim Fleming

The Super Scotties Olympics included friendly games divided into two portions, a swimming portion, and a field portion. On the helix football field during second period, the Super Scotties got to play soccer, and football, with their family and friends there to support them along with Helix cheerleaders and ASB to cheer them on.

Photo via Kim Fleming

Berg shares that her inspiration behind such an important event, “Came from working with the Super Scotties throughout my Sophomore and Junior year. I knew I wanted to do a project that would not only challenge me but be something I was passionate about that a also gave back to the Helix community.”

Berg claims, “From this experience, I learned so much. I learned more about the structures of organizing an event, and the powerful impact I can have on my community.”

When asked what issues she faced and how she overcame them, Berg explains, “One big issue in putting together this event was gaining volunteers before spring break. Although many people were interested in helping out, it was hard to get people to commit before spring break started. I had to make sure I had enough people and then talk to people the Monday we got back about getting their forms in as soon as possible. Another few problems faced on the day of included the outlets not working, so the speakers couldn’t turn on (custodial came out to help), the microphone working and then cutting out multiple times, and arriving to find the tables and chairs were not there (we found more in the football field shed).”

Berg explains, “As this project was such a huge project, it required the help of many people. Starting with all the Helix First teachers, to agree to take their class to the event on Friday, the PE coaches who let us use the football field and pool deck, and ASB helped with making posters for each Super Scottie as well as doing the sound and providing a balloon arch. Mrs. Kim helped coordinate the Super Scotties-from helping them to practice, to contacting the parents- she helped me so much on this project.”

Photo via Kim Fleming

When asked how she wanted to benefit others, Berg believes, “This project benefited all of the Super Scotties, as they had an absolutely amazing day. It also benefited staff members at Helix to get to see the Helix campus become more involved. All of my audience members (primarily Helix First classes) got to learn about who the Super Scotties are, and how they can get involved.”

Photo via Kim Fleming

Berg says she wouldn’t change or do much differently, “Because, with the help of so many people and all the hours put into the project, everything went as perfectly as it could have. One goal I had that didn’t happen was to get the news stations out to film and talk about the event. Despite my emails, they didn’t show up.”

When asked what her favorite part of the Super Scotties Olympics was, she replied, “My favorite part of this project was being able to watch the Super Scotties get so excited as the crowd cheered for them. The look on each of their faces as they scored a goal, or overcame the fear of jumping off the diving board was absolutely priceless and made the hard work of the project worthwhile.”

Overall, this event was heartwarming, fun, and exciting to watch. Hopefully, more events like this one are to come for Helix and our community.