Rom-Coms to Watch over Spring Break


Valentines Day may have passed, but our love of romantic comedies has not! Just in time for Spring Break, here is a list of must-see Rom-Coms to get cozy with over the next couple of weeks:


#1. The Notebook

A summer love comes to an end yet he can’t get over her, and as much as she thinks she has, she can’t either. She returns to the birth of their affection towards each other only to find him still there and rekindles a forbidden love.


#2. Titanic

A wealthy woman and a not so wealthy man cross paths on a cruise ship and have a natural attraction. Their friendship soon flourishes to love followed with an amazing journey surviving a horrific disaster aboard.

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#3. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
A young writer receives a big assignment for her magazines’ next piece for a grand charity event. Ordered to “Lose a Guy in 10 days,” she finds her victim who ironically has received the opposite assignment, to get a girl to fall in love with him in 10 days. They go to extream measures to drive one away and pull one in which leads to unexpected love.

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#4. Valentines Day
In a line of interconnected stories, a series of people experience many highs and lows on the holiday of love, dealing with first dates, longtime commitments, youthful crushes and connections to old flames.

#5. To All the Boys I’ve Loved
A teenage girl never experiencing a relationship, lives out her love fantasies through books and writing. Throughout her 7-12 grade years of school, she writes a series of letters to the boys she has loved before. Unfortunately, they end up getting sent out and a deal for a fake relationship turns into a vast feeling of affection that both are afraid to share.



#6. My Best Friends

Childhood friends vow to marry each other if not already married by the age of 28. Days before her 28th birthday he announces his marriage to a beautiful 20-year-old. She discovers she’s actually in love with him, but when appointed to the role of made of honor things become a little complicated


#7. He’s Just Not That Into You
A series of love stories, marriage, an affair, and search for love are experienced by many people that either work against them or in their favor.



#8. The Vow

A couple madly in love living their ideal life, experience a horrible car crash leaving the wife in a coma. When she awakes she suffers from severe memory loss and doesn’t remember her husband. He, however, will not give up on her battling to win her affection back and remember their wondrous love.

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#9. Just Go With It
Business partners for many years grow a sturdy friendship. When he loses the assumed love of his life he asks his business partner to join him on a trip and act as his ex-wife throughout their vacation they uncover a deepened love for each other.


#10. The Proposal

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A woman being deported to Canada claims to be married to her hapless assistant to escape deportation. He luckily agrees to the charade adding a few conditions of his own, including a trip to Alaska to meet his passionate family. With suspicious immigration officials closely following they must follow through with their plan of marriage despite the complications along the way only to end up actually falling in love with each other.


These 10 movies are sure to bring your spirits up no matter who you watch them with! We all know media-binging is the best part of any holiday break, so get to it, Scotties!