Audiences Take a Memorable Trip to ‘Urinetown’

Audiences Take a Memorable Trip to Urinetown

Urinetown has to be one of the most exciting and odd theater shows that has ever been performed here at Helix Charter High School. Now, that doesn’t mean it was a bad show; in fact, it has to be one of the best in the past three years!

It was very uplifting and it kept the audience on their toes with every scene ending with a song and/or dance. With productions showing on January 31, February 1, 6, 7, 8, and 9. There were two casts with two different set of actors. Chase Osborn was an exception, performing in both casts, narrating and also being a part of the storyline.

The main characters for the Tinkle Cast were, Chase Osborn, Ruby Anderson, Luke Babbitt, Francesca Fong, Grace Crandell, and Shane Robles. The second casting was called the Piddle Cast, and the main characters for that show were Chase Osborn, Ella Ryan, Cole Atencio, Eileen Diaz, Ava Esser, and Will Har

Neither was better or worse than the other; it was just a slight difference. Either one actor could exaggerate more and the other could have more spunk with the role. Some actors are in the choir, which truly strengthened the musical.

The main story is about a young man, Bobby Strong (Luke Babbitt and Cole Atencio), who is against the urinal corporation that had them pay each time they wanted to use the public restroom, due to the large water drought that occurred. The senator (Shane Robles and Will Harris) and some of the officers (Chase Osborn and Brayden Harvey) were in on it so they could use the money for their own advantage. Eventually, the public found out about it and decided to riot and fight back. In the end, it was a good way to change and alter what the public wanted but one life was lost and that was the life of the hero, Bobby Strong. But that didn’t stop them; they continued to fight and end up winning and doing what was best for the public.

For me, this musical is tied for one of the best plays I’ve seen at Helix, tying with In the Heights. Although, this play was more fun and uplifting in the fact that it had a lot of humor and the singing parts were executed perfectly. Urinetown was a golden success.