“Holiday in the Village” is Here to Stay

Holiday in the Village is Here to Stay

Holiday in the village. It exists. If you live in La Mesa, you probably already knew that. If you don’t, or if you didn’t, allow me to elaborate. OK, imagine the winter season. Got it? Good. Now take that, and put it in a village. Add some vendors and some kids running up and down inflatable slides, and you have Holiday in the Village.

via the La Mesa Courier

All jokes aside, I love Holiday, and as such, I’ve always loved Holiday in the Village. I live right down the street from it, so I go every year, and it’s kind of telling of the season creeping up around the corner. As a resident and a regular of the event, I can confidently say that this year was no less festive than any previous year. The streets seemed even more packed than usual, and there was music or food at any given turn of your head.

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The inclusion of several new booming businesses on La Mesa Boulevard – where Holiday in the Village is held annually – may have helped to bolster the popularity of the event. With a successful taco place, City Tacos, to new pizza spot, Surfrider Pizza Co., to the joint bar and restaurant, Curbside, there was a new emphasis on village in Holiday in the Village this year.

With festivity experiencing no new lows, cheer remaining ever-prevalent, and village events sprouting up left and right, I think it’s fair to say that Holiday in the Village 2018 was a success, and I don’t doubt that it will be as good or better in years to come.