Socially Conscious Dance Work Takes the Helix Stage


It is very rare that the community has an opportunity to come together and bond over social issues in a peaceful manner. But when they do, it is a moment to be remembered. On November 30th, and December 1st, the Helix Dance Program performed their annual Winter Dance Concert on the main stage in the Performing Arts Center. This year’s theme, “Our Voices” was centered on the social and political issues in today’s society.

The show had something for everybody. There were lighthearted pieces that were both fun for the dancers to perform, and entertaining for the audience to watch. There were more somber pieces that dealt with issues such as gun violence, self-acceptance, and the fear of outsiders.

“I think the fact that students got to use dance to speak important truths about today’s political and social issues was what made this show stand out from others,” performer Elizabeth Clark explains.

Some of the pieces were choreographed by the Dance Program Director, Katie Pipes, but many of them were student choreographed. This opportunity, along with the theme of this year’s winter concert allowed students to truly have their own voice. It showcased the importance of standing up for what you believe in and highlighted the passions of each individual student choreographer.


“Our Winter Dance Concert felt like a really special performance because it was an opportunity for students to speak authentically,” describes Pipes. “Students were able to address and analyze hot topic issues effectively through a productive artistic medium.”