AT&T Tells Students, “It Can Wait”


On Oct. 31, 2018, AT&T, a telecommunications company, brought their influential, “It can wait,” campaign to Helix Charter High School to educate students and staff about the dangers of distracted driving.

AT&T’s movement started in 2010 and has since flourished into a nationwide campaign.

Their goals are to reduce the number of automobile crashes caused by texting while driving and spur advocacy to show that texting-and-driving is as dangerous as drinking-and-driving. They have expanded their movement by partnering up with supporting agencies appealing to its social media audience with #ItCanWait and reaching out to schools and communities. They have now gained more than 33 million online pledges and are striving to receive more.

Speaker presenting to students in front of the memory wall.

Docents started off by speaking for a couple of minutes about their mission. They then recruited students to join the movement and take the pledge to be safe and responsible drivers. Students had the opportunity to watch a virtual reality video of what it would be like to be driving with distraction and what could happen if we don’t wait to read that text or answer that call.

Sebastian Tello, a Helix student who experienced the presentation said, “ I thought it was very smart for them to come to our school because not only does it educate students, but it also motivates them to educate their parents about safe driving.”

Enzo Anton experiencing the virtual reality video of distracted driving.

He also shared, “I thought their mission to educate us about our responsibilities was very effective especially when they showed the billboard [with people] who have died from [distracted] driving.”

When asked if he thought they should return, Sebastian provided, “I think they should do this yearly because with every year, comes a new generation and every generation needs to be aware of their responsibilities with safe driving.”