Beautiful Boy Reveals Dark Reality of Addiction

Beautiful Boy Reveals Dark Reality of Addiction

Beautiful Boy was released on October 12, 2018 and is an adaptation of the best selling memoir, Beautiful Boy, written by David Sheff and Nic Sheff’s Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamine’s.


Nic Sheff and David Sheff in the hospital – via Vauge Visages

Beautiful Boy is the emotional, heart wrenching, and sentimental story of the life of Nic Sheff who was a drug addict and alcoholic.


Timothée Chalamet, an actor known for his 2017 movie, Call Me By Your Name, portrays Nic Sheff alongside, Steve Carell, best known for his comedic character in The Office, this time playing a very serious and heartbroken dad.

Nic Sheff and Timothee Chalamet – Photo by Todd Williamson/January Images/REX/Shutterstock (9921884g)


The film goes back and forth with Nic’s childhood and David Sheff attempting to pinpoint where he went wrong and how he could aid his son into sobriety.


Nic was a smart man who was accepted into several Ivy League schools, played water polo and was an artist. His father and mother were well-known journalists who were financially privileged. Anyone who did not know Nic would think his life was perfect.

Nic started doing narcotics in his early teens because he felt it was a way to escape from the real world and suffered in and out of sobriety, alongside his father, David.

Nic went in and out of rehab houses, therapy, and school, relapsing several times until he was close to dying, and started his journey into sobriety.

David Sheff embracing Nic Sheff in his college dorm -Via IMDb



Millions of people suffer from addiction are not given the help or tools needed to combat the horrible disease. Beautiful Boy depicts how addiction can start with the experimentation of drugs and not only affect the user directly but their family, as well.


Vicki Sheff with NIc Sheff at a rehab center – Via