We’ve Got Spirit…Yes, We Actually Do

Weve Got Spirit...Yes, We Actually Do

As diverse as our Helix campus is, so is its opinion on school spirit.

The very definition of school spirit is the attitude students and staff have about their school as well as each other in and out of the classroom.

Basically, it’s our campus culture at large. 

100 students spanning all four grade levels were surveyed at random on whether they have school spirit or not.

62% of students surveyed said “yes.” For the 38% who said “no,” all of them explained (in a variety of ways) that simply, they did not care! Of the 20 Helix Staff surveyed with the same question as the students, 90% said they participated in dress-up days and even spectated at sporting events.  

With examples offered that ranged from dressing up and supporting Helix athletics to attending dances, based on the students I surveyed, it looks like a majority of Helix students have a positive attitude towards their school. 

So, it turns out that school spirit isn’t just a myth…it’s our reality here at Helix Charter.