Michael Myers Returns To The Big Screen


The most famous and well-known horror film franchise added their newest member of serial killer Michael Myers based films to the chilling family on October 19, 2018.

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The movie franchise Halloween maintains the lead role of the infamous, enigmatic killer known as Michael Myers who will kill anyone and everyone that gets in the way of his target. All 8 of John Carpenter-directed Halloween movies connect in some way and David Gordon Green director of the new Halloween movie has maintained this with this month’s release.

In the 1978 version of the Halloween film, it explains the story behind Michael Myers. At the age of six on Halloween night, he stabbed his older sister (Judith Myers) to death. He was then locked away for 15 years in Smiths Grove Sanitarium where he escaped and searched for his younger sister, Laurie Strode (played by Jamie Lee Curtis), where he then attempted to kill her. He murdered some of Laurie’s closest friends but thanks to Dr. Lumis (Michaels doctor), he was unsuccessful in killing her.

The movies that follow continue with the same idea behind his killings. He is always trying to get to someone related to him whether it is his sister (Laurie Strode) his niece (Jamie Lloyd and Karen Nelson) or even his second niece and nephew (Stephen Lloyd and Allyson Nelson).

This brings us to the newest addition. 2018’s Halloween takes a completely new perspective than the rest of the movies. Laurie Strode has had years of experience with her murderous big brother and is anything but a victim. She is no longer the scared Laurie Strode she is now actually waiting for Michael. She wants the closure of killing him herself and actually seeing him dead. She wants revenge on him for the years of her having to live in fear and the physical and mental pain he has inflicted on her and her family, as well as her friends.

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In the movie, Laurie, her daughter Karen, and her granddaughter, Allyson, work together to trap and kill Michael Myers. Of course, there are classic similarities from this movie to the past Halloween films such as its actors, scenes, and Michael’s killing style.

This movie highlights the strength of both main characters (Laurie and Michael).

Green says, “‘ In this one, we’re trying to go bare bones and tell a horrifying story of questions that have no answers. It’s just bad s— that happens.”

There are also reasons why Laurie’s character has changed. Greens says, “I think I’ve quietly made a very feminist horror movie.”

Jamie Lee Curtis informs, “What happened on October 31, 1978, was a trauma, and so the woman we meet 40 years later is really a walking example if PTSD. She is so obsessed with the fact that Michael Myers is going to come back, and he’s going to come back for her….I thought it was an honest interpretation of PTSD. I wanted to be human and show the human side of what happens to somebody.”

She also explains that Green was trying to express generational trauma, and by watching the movie I believe he did just that.

Disclaimer: There are multiple horrific and gory scenes that for those of you who are squeamish may not enjoy. I recommend this to teenagers and or adults because Green did an amazing job in expressing the pure evil and terror that Michael Myers possessed.

Do YOU believe in the boogie man? Maybe this Halloween you will.