Homecoming 2018 Takes Students To The Stars


Wonders, fascination, and astonishment were all in attendance at Helix’s 2018 Homecoming, along with a little twist of magic.

Students sat with their friends watching the homecoming game anticipating the win. Cheerleaders pumped up the stadium and lead chants toward the defeat of the Norsemen (56-6) on October 5, 2018. 

 Many thought the night was over until red, blue, green, and white fireworks appeared after the game. Even though the game was fun, students couldn’t wait for the next night when they would prepare for the dance. 

The science quad transformed into a stunning galaxy. ASB really put all their effort into this setting this up with the lights and overall aesthetic. 


Photo via J.D. Hopper

Looking around and seeing students dancing and enjoying themselves, it seems as though ASB accomplished what it set out to this Homecoming.