Kanye West Trumps on SNL

Kanye on the SNL promo picture via mashable.com

On Sept. 29, Kanye West, an A-list rapper, went on Saturday Night Live to perform his new single, “I Love It”, featuring Lil Pump, in the place of Ariana Grande, who was scheduled to appear but canceled due to the recent loss of her ex-boyfriend.

The show went on as planned until credits were rolling and Kanye decided to give an impromptu speech about President Donald. He ranted whilst wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat that left viewers in shock.

He began by saying, “There are so many times I talk to like a white person about this and they say, ‘How could you like Trump? He’s racist; how could you support Trump? He’s racist.’ Well if I was concerned about racism, I would have moved out of America a long time ago. We don’t just make our decisions off of racism. I’ma break it down to you right now: If someone inspires me and I connect with them, I don’t have to believe in all they policies.”

Upon hearing him, an audience member yelled, “F— Trump.” West responded, “Now you got a situation where we need to have a dialogue and not a diatribe because if you want something to change, it’s not going to change by saying, ‘F— that person.’ Try love. Try love. Try love. Try love.”

Kanye West in his MAGA hat during his rant via people.com

People in the audience laughed and screamed. West responded, “You see they laughing at me. You heard ’em, they scream at me, they bully me. They bullied me backstage they said, ‘Don’t go out there with that hat on.’ They bullied me backstage. They bullied me. And then they say I’m in a sunken place. You want to see the sunken place?’ He took his hat off and said, ‘Okay, I’ma listen to y’all now.”  

He put his “MAGA” hat back on and continued. “Or I’ma put my Superman cape on, which means you can’t tell me what to do,” he said. “Follow your heart and stop following your mind. That’s how we’re controlled. That how we’re programmed. If you want the world to move forward, try love.”

West ended his rant with a statement of appreciation for the audience. “Thank y’all for giving me this platform,” he finished with. “I know some of y’all don’t agree. But y’all be goin’ at that man neck a lot, and I don’t think it’s actually that helpful. I think the universe has balance. 90 percent of news are liberal. 90 percent of TV, L.A., New York, writers, actors, rappers, musicians. So it’s easy to make it seem like it’s so, so, so one-sided. And I feel kind of free. I thought this country said I couldn’t be me.” He then walked off the stage and the show ended. 

Backstage, Chris Rock was filming a snippet of the rant and you could hear him saying, “My God” and shaking his head. Other artists and actors filmed Kanye’s rant and most were laughing and in utter disbelief.

Kanye West in his MAGA hat during his rant via people.com



Everyone should be able to give their opinion because Americans have the democratic right to speak up about their views and politics. But with giving an opinion, come consequences, and Kanye is seemingly experiencing this backlash from the opposing side, who are also entitled to feel upset. 

At the end of the day, I guess all we can do is “Try Love,” as Kanye says. 


Vote on November 6th and let your voice be heard.