Oktoberfest Hits La Mesa


La Mesa’s Oktoberfest is a popular event among the La Mesa community. Families roam as they enjoy shopping, games, and unhealthy foods.

This year, Oktoberfest took place on September 28th, 29th, and 30th. 

When it comes to food, the festival has no shortage. There were 30+ food vendors, all boasting different festival foods. Though the event’s website shows vegan options at the festival, they’re virtually impossible to find. If you’re vegan, dinner may just have to be snacks.

However, the pizza was a hit. Two slices could easily be shared by three attendees because it was so much food. 

There were also games to entertain the masses. Touting prizes such as cheap toys, stuffed animals, and even goldfish, the games were a fun challenge to attempt. 


Oktoberfest highlights local businesses. Even shops that line the streets were open! Full of charm, Maxwell’s House of Books displayed mysteries and vintage magazines with the shop cat at the door bidding farewell to customers. 

For the kids, there was a children’s area, also known as the “Kindergarten”, that the kids could hang out at. There were balloon animals, face painting, trampolines, and even giant bouncy slides. There was also a dance floor in the middle of the festival that the kids seemed to enjoy quite a bit. At one point, lots of kids joined what seemed to be a hula-hoop competition!

In the middle of the festival, across from the aromatic root beer stand, was an Oktoberfest merchandise booth, with everything from tiny hats to huge mugs. They even had funny t-shirts and German-themed rubber ducks!






Toward the back of the festival was a giant Ferris wheel for kids and adults alike to ride. Provided by the store Amethyst Moon, the line for the ride was long all night.


All in all, Oktoberfest 2018 was a very fun experience and sure to draw an equally, if not larger, crowd next year.