Helix Gym Undergoes Renovation


It seems that Helix is always under construction.

First, it was the new administration building, then the bleachers, and now, the gym. Unless you haven’t been near the administration building, you wouldn’t be aware of the construction that is currently going on.

The gym has been due for a renovation since it was first built in 1961. It was scheduled to undergo construction for a while. In fact, a bond was passed in 2004 to upgrade it.

According to Facilities Manager Ken Britschgi, the gym wasn’t supposed to be done for a couple more years. However, due to roof leaks and the condition of the roof, it was unsafe for workers to perform repairs. It inevitably came down to, “do we let it leak and ruin the floor and the bleachers,” says Britschgi.

As for the actual construction of the gym, it will not be torn down, but the concession stands and the bathroom are being taken out and being rebuilt. The new gym is set to have air conditioning, better lighting, new bleachers, a fresh paint job and the floor is going to be replaced. A couple of the bigger additions include the new entrance which will be near the administration building and a hallway leading to the visitor’s side.

According to Britschgi, the gym, “is supposed to be done in April, but it is construction and things do happen.”

Due to the current unavailability of the gym, sports requiring the gym have been relocated. Grossmont High School has allowed volleyball to practice in their gym, as well as have games there, and basketball will practice in the new Boys and Girls Club near LMAAC and Helix.

Helix is excited to welcome a new gym where many generations of Scotties, past, current, and future, can come together.