Students Rush to Campus Clubs


Clubs are very important to the staff and students alike at Helix. At the beginning of every school year, Club Rush is held, promoting the different clubs available to Helix students. Tables line the science quad, and club members talk to passing students, advertising their clubs as music plays over speakers. This year, Club Rush was held on the seventh of September in the science quad.

I talked to the presidents of a few different clubs to give you an idea of what they’re offering.

If you’re feeling like putting on your dancing shoes, Tap Club may be for you. Co-president Grace Roche says about the club, “it doesn’t matter how much you come or how little you come, you’ll still make friends and have fun. It’s all about building relationships with the people around you and having a shared passion for what you’re doing.” Tap club meets on Fridays in the wrestling room, as well as holding Aspire Tap Monday through Friday after school from three to five thirty.

In GSA, you’ll find a supportive environment where everyone is welcome to be themselves. When talking about what members would get out of the club, Club President Jasper Monteith answered, “a supportive community, a place to be open and honest with themselves, friends!” GSA meets in room 160 on Fridays at lunch.

If you want to talk about sports with others who enjoy them, that’s Sports Talk’s forte. “Sports Talk is just a way to meet like-minded people who are really passionate about sports,” Club President Ronald Rojas explains, “We’ll just talk, discuss and debate, and have fun talking about sports.” Sports Talk meets in room 550 on Wednesdays at lunch.


If improv games and trips to see plays live sounds like your cup of tea, you may find your place in Drama club. Drama Club President Shane Robles explains, “people will get a respect for theater and what it takes to be in Theater. You make a whole new friend group and … meet a bunch of people.” Drama club meets Thursdays at lunch in the Black Box theater.

MEChA is a good fit for Latino students or anyone interested in culture. As Club President Isabella Rosales puts it, “I think that my club is extremely beneficial if you’re Latino and looking to feel empowered and find a way to be encouraged to go to college and if you’re not Latino, it’s a great way to learn about another culture and really have a lot of fun.” MEChA meets on Wednesdays at lunch in room 400.


Joining clubs can be a great addition to your high school experience. Events like Club Rush are intending to promote this addition. Whether you’re a freshman or a returning student, clubs serve as a way to get involved with the school and meet people who are passionate about the same things you are. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet your new best friend!