Summer 2018: The Realistic Version


Sofia Jacobo, Co-Editor in Chief

Despite what movies and books told me, the summer before my senior year was mostly work and hardly any play.


The very first week after school ended, it started again for me. I had the brilliant idea to enroll in online classes at my local community college in order to get ahead. After the first day of online school, I made the decision to drop Economics from my schedule and focus on Political Science, instead. Dropping economics was probably the most reckless thing I did the entire summer.

[Photo via NPRStateImpact]

In addition to taking a class, I was also working a job multiple times a week. This summer I learned to balance school and work, which is a skill that I will need to master in order to be successful in the future.


The best thing about working is obviously the money. I absolutely adored the independence of making my own money. I didn’t have to ask my parents for anything. With all my money I saved, I was able to upgrade my style with new shoes, a new wardrobe, and new hair just in time for school.

[Photo via Gerphardt Daily]

Although my summer break was nowhere near what I imagined it would be, being an adult and pushing myself was incredibly rewarding and inspiring. My goal for next summer is to continue adulting…but to also treat myself.


Making an effort to push yourself (even when nobody is nagging you) reflects on your personality and determines the type of person you will become. Despite acting like an adult this summer, I learned that in the end, life is all about balance- you can play hard as long as you work hard, as well.

But, it’s okay- I’ll continue to scan through your vacation photos.