Humor: Why I Simply Hate Moose.

Humor: Why I Simply Hate Moose.

Bears are pretty scary- hands down. They’re huge, tough, ferocious creatures that sleep a LOT.

Well, imagine an animal that is even bigger, stronger, and is perfectly suited to take a hit by a speeding car and recover flawlessly. 


You’re thinking of a moose. They’re a very rambunctious species; you could say they’re the deer’s big brother, and unfortunately, the game of my hunting trip in Canada this past summer.


[Photo via DreamsTime]
Three of my cousins and I were mentally driven to take down this legendary creature despite the provocative rumors and surrounding folklore. 


We should’ve known, we weren’t hunting moose- rather, moose was hunting us. The tools we brought would only agitate it.

After brief contemplation, I took my shot first, and our faces froze. Nature could not have better built a tank. It didn’t even flinch; it looked up and simply strolled away from us.

Clearly, this wasn’t the moose’s first encounter with an unassuming hunter.


The most unbelievable part about this encounter is that we used strong firepower. Look at your pinky finger- yeah, that’s about the size of the bullets I used which, don’t forget, didn’t even make the moose flinch.


A very strong weapon would be needed to up the ante, but still, nothing is guaranteed.

After witnessing such a display, without further thought or skipping a beat, we all decided the hunt was over. Mother nature did not intend for this moose to die despite our efforts. I would require an entire platoon of soldiers behind me to take down this animal.

If at some point in your lifetime, you travel North and happen to see one of these creatures, just know- it thinks you’re a cute little fella.