Shameless Season 9

The 9th season of the hit drama just started filming.


photo via Den of Geek

Cassondra Flanery, Staff Writer

Showtime first released what would be one of the most critically acclaimed show on network television, Shameless, on March 27, 2011. Since then, there have been eight seasons, each with 12 hour-long episodes.

Season 9 has just begun filming, and the Den of Geek staff says that with luck, “it will premier in the fall season, but if not early 2019.”

photo via TVLine

Since Season 1, viewers have been introduced to a variety of colorful characters including Frank Gallagher, struggling father of six, and Fiona, his eldest daughter, who tries to keep the family together. Shameless has kept a steady, growing audience, mostly because of its comedic approach to dark subjects.

The rest of the Gallagher siblings, Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and Liam, have each faced their own challenges, and Season 8 left off with many questions.


There are spoilers ahead.

In the last episode of Season 8, titled “Sleepwalking,” Frank tried to use Liam, the youngest Gallagher’s, rich friend, to steal from his family. Carl escaped his crazed girlfriend, Kassidi, to go back to military school. The father of Debbie’s child comes back into her life after disappearing since the pregnancy and wants joint custody. Ian gets arrested for a violent protest. Lip breaks things off with his girlfriend, Sierra, in order to work on himself and ends up offering to care for a child his friend left behind. Finally, Fiona successfully, after a difficult trial, kicks out the greedy tenants who had been staying in her apartment building.

photo via Variety

Naturally, viewers have started speculating on what Season 9 will be about, considering that in the past, there’s usually a couple month time jump between seasons.

A short teaser trailer was released, which depicted Fiona getting woken up with cold water splashed in her face, and Frank yelling. It also showed Frank dressed in monk robes, suggesting a spiritual awakening.

Of course, the whole cast will return, excluding Svetlana, whose arc showed her being married off to a rich man, who was under the impression she was someone else, and moving away.

Whether or not fan theories are true or not, you can count on Frank being his typical neglectful self and Fiona leading the way for the rest of her extremely dysfunctional family.