Atlanta Season 2


Romeo Sharpe , Staff Writer

Donald Glover is at it again! The Emmy and Golden Globe winner came out with a second season of Atlanta: “Robbin Season.”  Atlanta is a television show airing on FX that is about the struggle a underground rapper and his manger face.


Some of the main cast include Donald Glover starring as Earnest “Earn” Marks and Brian Tyree Henry starring as Alfred Miles Earns cousin also known as “Paper Boi.”


The show takes place in Atlanta, Georgia where the two cousins work through the music industry in order to better their lives. In season one, Earn worked his way to becoming Paper Boi’s manager. Season one finale closed with Earn losing his jacket and becoming homeless.

“Robbin Season” aired its first episode on March 1, 2018. The first episode “Alligator Man,” opened with two teens robing a burger joint. Earn  is still homeless and is bouncing from place to place while Paper Boi is under house arrest.

Unlike season one, 

where everyone from Earn to Paper Boi to the neighborhood goofball had a more positive vibe, in season two, Earn feels a little less motivated and Paper Boi is in a whole lot of trouble under house arrest and  also on probation.

Special guests have shown up already this season including worldly known comedian Katt Williams who made a very entertaining appearance as the neighborhood “alligator man,” as he owned a pet alligator.


As of now, season two of Atlanta has been very entertaining to say the least. With only two more episodes left, Donald Glover has possibly put his best work out since season one.