Freshmen Take SDSU and UCSD


Chelsea Nunez, Sports Editor

It’s never too early for students to be exposed to college, and for Helix students, it starts as early as their freshman year.


After the students in Helix First promoted college to juniors with the annual “College Fair,” they took a field trip on April 17 to local universities San Diego State University and UC San Diego for a tour.

Solange Clark, a senior who peer tutors for Helix First, attended the field trip and shares how she believes the trip was “beneficial” for the freshman.


“There’s a difference between learning about a college and actually being on one,” Clark states.


Clark recalls her personal experience on the College For Me trip she took during her junior year. The College For Me, also known as C4ME, is a tour of universities in California ranging from Uc Riverside to San Francisco State University.


“I really liked some of the colleges before I toured them and when I did, I realized how I felt about the campuses,” Clark explains. “And I feel like the freshman had the same experience.”


Clark was right, as freshman Chanel Nunez, a Helix First student in Ms. Byseck’s class, felt the exact same way.


“I did research about both campuses and at first really liked UCSD more than SDSU,” Nunez recalled. “But now after touring them, I like the SDSU campus more.”


Nunez explains that she didn’t realize how far the UCSD campus was from the city based on her research as she mostly just read about “how close it was to the beach” and “how pretty the view was.”


“I realized I didn’t like being so far from everything,” Nunez states.


Christine Bach, another Helix First student, details what the field trip and tours consisted of.


Bach explains that although the trip started out delayed as they experienced difficulties with the buses, it didn’t stop the excitement of the field trip.

“It [the field trip] was memorable, not only because it was my first field trip as a high school student,” Bach jokes, “but because it was very important.”


Bach included how they were given a tour of the campuses and given background on landmarks they passed, such as historical buildings.

“It was kind of awkward because the students look so much older, but everyone we talked to was very nice,” Bach claims, referring to both campuses.

Both Bach and Nunez believe the trip was not only an informational and fun experience, but it made them look forward to their future C4ME trip even more.


“I really liked touring the colleges, so I can’t wait to see more outside of San Diego,” Bach stated.


Nunez agreed and expressed her gratitude to have been granted the opportunity to tour the campuses, as she has peers from other high schools in the country who, unfortunately, aren’t given the same experience.


“Some of my friends from other schools say their freshman class doesn’t get to see colleges campuses, and I really appreciate the whole trip and the school for taking us,” Nunez claims.


Promoting colleges to all students is a priority at Helix, and starting freshman year appears to be a successful tactic.