Everything Sucks!

The new Netflix original is a 90’s teen drama.

photo via Next Episode

photo via Next Episode

Cassondra Flanery, Staff Writer

Everything Sucks! is the latest Netflix original series, with 10 half-hour episodes. Set in Boring, Oregon in 1996, the show centers around a group of teenagers at Boring High School who are making a movie.

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Luke (Jahi Winston), is a nerdy and sarcastic freshman who is excited about high school. When he joins AV Club along with his friends McQuaid and Tyler, he automatically becomes infatuated with Kate (Peyton Kennedy), who turns out to be the principal’s daughter.

When Luke asks Kate out via homemade music video featuring her favorite song (“Wonderwall” by Oasis), Kate reluctantly accepts in order to kill off rumors that she’s a lesbian – despite them being true.

When the AV crew joins forces with the drama kids to keep the peace, Luke proposes that they all make a movie.

As the movie develops, the group becomes closer and Kate starts to fall for Emaline, the star of the show.

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Meanwhile, Luke’s mother meets Kate’s dad and they begin to date in secret, even though they both believe that their kids are in a real relationship.

Critics enjoyed the show, and it received a 69% on Rotten Tomatoes. The general consensus stated, “[Everything Sucks!] is a flawed series that ticks all the nostalgia boxes, but still manages to tug at the heartstrings.”

Part of the nostalgia is the soundtrack, which features the Spin Doctors, Oasis, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and Ace of Base – all classic 90’s favorites.

Whether there will be a season two is up for question, despite the cliffhanger ending. Actors Jahi Winston and Peyton Kennedy are advocating for the show’s renewal on their Instagram accounts.

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Michael Mohan, Rio Mangini, Elijah Stevenson, Peyton Kennedy, Sydney Sweeney, Quinn Liebling and Jahi Di’Allo Winston, Ben York Jones
Netflix ‘Everything Sucks’ TV show premiere, Arrivals, New York, USA – 31 Jan 2018

One reason that the show needs to be renewed, Kennedy states in an interview with TV Guide, is that, “I think it’s more accepted now, you know, coming out, but there’s still stigma around it and then there are still people saying it’s a trend or people are faking it, or it’s just a phase, which is a terrible thing…it’s not the exact same thing as not acceptable as it was back then, it’s still — we can still improve.”

Acceptance was one of the main goals the writers wanted to fight for with this script, and they succeeded in creating a realistic yet entertaining portrayal of teen sexuality.