Boys Varsity Basketball Beats Granite Hills in Last Home Game


Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

On Feb. 14th, Boys Varsity Basketball beat Granite Hills in their last home game with a final score of 87-69. 

Throughout the entire game, Helix held the upper hand and never let Granite Hills catch up.

During the first quarter, Helix started to gain their lead with a score of 25-12. Senior Bradley Dunn made many free throws from penalties in this quarter.

When interviewed about the game, Varsity Head Coach Mr. Cassady said, We always preach defense first when discussing how to win against any opponent.” 

In the second quarter, both teams scored 16 points each. The final score was 41-28, after Senior Javon Davis scored with a free throw.

When asked about the game, Sophomore Delshawn Traylor said, “I feel like as a team we could pick up our intensity and get rid of some of our mental errors also our coaches preach energy and attitude. I feel like if we have a high energy level and a positive winning attitude we can compete with any team out there.”

Sophomore Maurice Holmes made many impressive baskets and scored 22 points in total, the most out of any player from Helix.

In the third quarter, Helix gained 20 points against Granite. The final score was 61-51.

The three players that made the most points in the game were Maurice Holmes, Senior Jaylen Hinston with 20 points, and Dunn with 18 points.

In the fourth quarter, Helix ensured their win by scoring 26 more points on Granite. This made their final score of 87-69.

That game was also senior night for the players and for the cheerleaders. Many of the players on Varsity are seniors, so the team will be changing greatly between this year and next season.

Even if they don’t win in CIF, the boys had a season with a great record.