“Snapchange” Disappoints


Jackalyn Diaz , Helix Life Editor

Snapchat has changed drastically, and no one is happy about it.

The most obvious change is the new layout of the app itself. When you open Snapchat, it still takes you to the camera and all the filters are still available, but when you swipe right from the camera, you’ll find yourself in the home of all your chats and interactions with those whom you actually know.


When you swipe left from the camera, you’ll find yourself in the Discover section of snapchat. This is where you will find Snapchats original programing, content from publishers, celebrities and others you follow. This was organized based on what you have viewed the most.


When the update first was published, users took to Twitter to express their feelings about the update, some even making the memes to express their frustration. More than a million users signed petitions to get Snapchat to reverse the update.


People became even more frustrated with the app when it would update itself without the authorization of the user. People were desperate for the old version, so they found a way to “reverse” the update:


  1. Make sure your phone number is verified in the app.
  2. Log out of your account and Delete the app off your phone.
  3. Re-downlaod the app and click “forgot password”.
  4. Create a new password.
  5. Log back in
  6. Pray it works.


Although Snapchat is known for being a good way to interact with others, the new layout is frustrating and confusing.


According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook’s Inc. Instagram, has waged a “merciless campaign” to destroy Snapchat by replicating all of its best features, as well as offering a much simpler app with more users.


Snapchat was the one who invented the idea of the “story,” in which users share short videos and photos that disappear after 24 hours.


However, according to the Wall Street Journal, after a year of fighting Instagram, Snapchat had no choice but to stop battling with Instagram and try to become something new entirely.


Snapchat is now a three-in-one; a good quality camera, a confusing messaging platform, and a place to keep up with friends or celebrities.


We can only hope Snapchat comes to their senses, and listens to users and reverses this “snapchange.”