The A.C.E. Club: Improving San Diego One Building at a Time


Sofia Jacobo, Co-Editor in Chief

Helix has a multitude of clubs on campus, ranging in focus from makeup to community service. However, there’s one club in particular that’s working on improving Helix and San Diego, one building at a time.


A.C.E. was originally brought to Helix by history teacher Lloyd Sabin around 2006. The club is now run by digital art and CAD teacher, Jennifer Bullock, who has been the club advisor since 2009.


The Architecture, Construction, and Engineering Club, also known as A.C.E., consists of miniature engineering projects as well as field trips, in which they visit their sponsor, Turner Construction.  They’ve visited multiple Turner Construction sites throughout the city, such as the library in Downtown San Diego, Helix’s science building, and the up-and-coming ballpark village, which is also in Downtown San Diego.



When they’re not visiting construction sites, the students brainstorm project ideas to improve the community. After winter break, they break off into three separate groups: architecture, construction, and engineering. In their groups, they figure out the logistics of their project with the help of mentors.


According to Bullock, the students are planning to, “renovate some buildings on campus and build [an eco-friendly] student lounge” where the sand obstacle course is.


Multiple scholarships have been given out to 11th and 12th graders, and now the A.C.E. program wants to help students in college. Additionally, some A.C.E. students have gone onto earning internships and week-long field trips.


Bullock believes “the money, you can’t beat it. If this is where your interest lies,” join and learn all about the world of architecture, construction, and engineering!


The club meets every Wednesday, from 3pm to 5pm, in room 1170.


Check out their website here.