How to Resolve Your Resolutions

How to Resolve Your Resolutions

Sofia Jacobo, Co-Editor in Chief

As another year passes and we enter 2018, many people are making unachievable resolutions in efforts to improve themselves for the new year.

 According to Forbes, only 8% of Americans follow through with their resolutions, even though 40% of Americans make them.

Personally, I am against resolutions; they’re impractical and never last the year. While I applaud those who want to improve themselves, if you really want to change something about yourself, why wait till the end of the year to do so?

Need help improving your resolutions and making them attainable, here’s your guide.  


Choose the Correct Resolution

The majority of the time, the problem lies when making the resolution. The mistake is people make their resolution too broad or vague. Your goals need to be small and specific. For example, if your resolution is to improve your health, make small goals such as exercising for 30 minutes a day, cutting out carbs, or dieting. Instead of setting a huge goal for yourself, start with small goals that are attainable and realistic.


Commit to Your Goal

Another huge factor in ditching resolutions is commitment. By the end of January, everyone has abandoned their goals simply because they’re too “busy.” If you actually are busy, and not just busy procrastinating, you need to plan and learn how to manage your time wisely. If you are serious about keeping your resolution you need to be focused and committed. Invest in a good planner and plan away!

What to Avoid to Maintain Your Goals

In order to stay on track to fulfilling your resolution, pick something unique to yourself. Instead to deciding to pick a common resolution such as eating better, or going to the gym, make it a personal goal. When making year long resolutions, do not be discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Goals, like anything that requires work, will take time and patience.

Resolutions aren’t impossible to keep, so follow these steps and conquer your goal (and 2018).