Uber Hack Sparks Up Controversy

Uber Hack Sparks Up Controversy

Rosalie Weas , Staff Writer

In late 2016, hackers infiltrated Uber’s software and exposed private information of 57 million riders and the license plates of 600,000 drivers were released. Now in December, a lawsuit is being filed for violating a California law that requires companies to report of such data breaches.

CNN reports that Uber paid 100,000 dollars to the hackers at the time of the breach to destroy the data and they failed to inform users and regulators about how their information was stolen.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Mike Feuer, a Los Angeles city attorney filed a lawsuit against Uber on behalf of California residents. Feuer believes taking action is necessary because, “-we believe very strongly in the importance of protecting consumers.” Feuer is seeking $2,500 for every violation of the law.

This isn’t the first time that Uber has been under fire for legal problems. In January of this year, Uber had some problems with sexual harassment and underpaying drivers.

According to RedCode, more than five US state regulators will have to question Uber for staying silent after the attack.

This isn’t just a problem for the US, the Uber data breach has had an international effect. `

Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of uber reveals in a blog post to the Uber website, that the hack came from, “two individuals outside the company had inappropriately accessed user data stored on a third-party cloud-based service that we use.”