Willow Smith Album Review

Willow Smith Album Review

Jenny Brotherton, Staff Writer

Willow Smith, young singer and songwriter, and daughter of the well known actor Will Smith, released her new album “The 1st” on her 17th birthday October 31.

The album includes 11 alternative R&B tracks. Her new album mentions a multitude of different topics like societal and gender norms, the complexity of love, and creative thinking/expression.

In her song Romance she explains her thoughts on romance and how other social expectations affect us. Her lyrics are proven to be very thought provoking because they challenge the way we live.

Romance doesn’t exist

It’s a hoax to trick your mind into thinking perfection exists

Or absence of suffering

Stop leading girls to the clouds above, it’s so distracting

We can’t focus on self-love

Morality doesn’t exist

It’s a construct we breed into children who see

We create our paradigms, we create all our lives

Ancient biology, evolving psychologies

Is all here in this moment

I want to know you like I know myself

But it would be just as confusing in hell

I’m imagining a different history

Imagine us in a field

Feasting on mountains that stretch very high

With the skies, the color of bruises and cuts

Oozing and bleeding all over the sun

Slowly, your hand caressing my thigh

Slowly, your eyes connecting with mine

Ooh ah oh, lays me

Gingerly on my back

The fall of the edge consumes me

I’ll never make it back to this moment

To this moment, to this moment

To this moment

I want to know you like I know myself

But it would be just as confusing in hell

I’m imagining a different history

Where men and women stay equal

In the eyes of society

Where we don’t condemn different people

For exercising their freedom

“We’re sexist”, I cried in an act of divine love

In a perverted into violence and lust

Where we still honor our mother

In all of her burgeoning light

Where we do not kill our brothers

Or rape our sisters or enslave any life

Willow Smith’s previous album “Ardipithecus” was more computer based and didn’t use instruments, but “The 1st” includes her playing instruments, such as the guitar. Smith told Fader Label, an independent record label based in New York City, her progression in music from her last album. “With Ardipithecus, I went in and spent the time producing and didn’t write anything down. I just freestyled. For this album it was the complete opposite and I really wanted to be organized and put in my intentions and not be so vague in my lyrics and to write them before I went into the studio and mull over these ideas and marinate on them.”