Brockhampton Boy Band On The Rise


Jenny Brotherton , Staff Writer


Homosexuality, rape culture, and racism – these topics aren’t always in the spotlight when it comes to music.  However, the up-and-coming boy band Brockhampton is changing that.


The band consists of quite a few members, each who are involved in different aspects of the group. Kevin Abstract, Ameer Vann, Merlyn Wood, and Matt Champion are all vocalists,  Dom McLennon and “Bearface” are also vocalists and work on production, while “JOBA” does vocals, productions, and engineering.  Brockhampton also considers their large group of art directors and graphic designers apart of the band which is pretty unique in the music industry. Altogether, there are 15 members.


The members originally met through a Kanye West internet forum. The band was formed in 2015 in San Marcos, Texas, but is now currently based in California.


They released their first mixtape, All-American Trash, in 2016, their first album, Saturation, in June 2017, followed by Saturation ll in August. According to Kevin Abstract’s Twitter account, Saturation lll is set to release sometime in December.  


Brockhampton is setting the stage for sexuality in rap. It’s known that rap culture has had a reputation for being homophobic and encouraging stereotypical masculinity. Kevin Abstract, one of the more well known members, Tweeted, speaking out on this, “The goal is to normalize this so if a gay black kid wanna talk about hooking up with dudes next to his homies it’s not a big deal.”


According to Fader Label, an independent record label based in New York City, one of the members Matt Champion, stated “[Brockhampton] gives me something that’s really rare in life — a large group of people with a similar mindset and similar goal that understand you. It’s almost like a family setting inside of a really intense workplace. Having that with 15 people is very rare for me and I’m very blessed to have that. We all wanna push each other to make exactly what we see inside our heads. We all want to push success with each other.”


The group continues to increase in popularity and is beginning to reach a larger audience as they recently performed at Flog Gnaw, a well known music festival in Los Angeles.


While there, they were interviewed by MTV. When talking about the way they create music and how they are evolving, Dom Mclennon said “I think even like creating those moments that like people are familiar with, like the fact that we can realize that shows how self aware we are as artists creating like in real time and we can like continue to build off of that. Most people just kind of like would see a moment and think that’s like all they can be and just run with that, but we’re just like running with what we know we can do, we all trust each other.”


Tickets for the “Love Your Parents” Tour in the U.S. are on sale now.