The Importance of Family: “Coco” Review


Sofia Jacobo, Co-Editor in Chief

Your culture defines you; without it, you never truly know your heritage and family.


The urgency for diversity has been recently magnified in our society. Companies such as Disney and Pixar are continuing to trail-blaze the entertainment industry and produce movies with powerful messages.


Disney and Pixar’s “Coco” tells the story of a young boy named Miguel who is kept from listening to music. Ever since his great-great-grandfather walked out on his family in order to pursue his musical career, Miguel’s family has banned music in efforts to avoid reminiscent feelings of heartbreak.



Despite music being prohibited, Miguel secretly plays the guitar, one day hoping to be just as amazing as his hero, Ernesto De La Cruz. On Dia de los Muertos, Miguel is transported to the world of the dead, where he must find his great-great-grandfather in order for him to give Miguel his blessing to travel back to the world of the living.



Being Mexican myself, the movie made me feel empowered. For once, American companies were embracing and representing Hispanic culture.


I must admit, “Coco” did make me cry. All the Hispanic references, from the “chanclas” to the food, reminded me of my Mexican grandmothers and how much they embodied their culture.



Coincidentally both of my grandmothers names, Elena and Juanita, were included in the movie, which made me cry even more.



I no longer have living grandmothers and “Coco” reminded me of the culture and traditions they passed on to me and my family. It also made me realize how eager I was for Hispanic representation.


Without my grandmothers, unfortunately, I felt as if my connection to my heritage was cut off.



Now, I can keep their memories and histories alive with traditions and music. “Coco” taught me the importance of culture and traditions.


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