Girl’s Water Polo; Helix vs. Patrick Henry


Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

On Nov. 29, the Varsity Girls’ Water Polo team lost their first game of the season to Patrick Henry High School. Both Helix and Patrick Henry are Division One teams. The girls showed a lot of effort and had good communication throughout the pool. After going into overtime, Varsity lost by one point, with a final score of 14-13.

Tausala Schwalger

The first goal scored by Helix was made by Ashley Knuteson, a returning senior varsity player. Knuteson was injured at a practice earlier in the week.

In the second quarter of the game, Helix scored two goals made by sophomore Shelby Pletcher and Knuteson. This quarter was difficult for the girls; Patrick Henry ended up with a three-point lead by the end.

The third quarter had points scored by Knuteson and sophomore Josephine Reinicke. The quarter ended with a score of 5-10, a gap that would be hard to fill in the next quarter.

The final quarter was filled with many goals. Many points were scored within two minutes of the seven-minute period. Three goals were made by Pletcher, two were made by Knuteson, and one was made by senior Hannah Blome.

During the second half of the game, an error was made by the scoring booth, caused by miscommunication. The score showed that Helix was losing by one point, but they were actually tied.

Because the score was tied at the end of the fourth quarter, the game went into overtime, which consisted of two three-minute periods. During these intense periods, Reinicke and senior Tausala Schwalger scored two points total, respectively.

Shelby Pletcher

Pletcher said after the game, “We went into the game expecting them to be good and I think the fact that we didn’t underestimate them allowed us to play our hardest, but unfortunately they still beat us in the end.”

In the end, Patrick Henry beat Helix by one point. The girls put up a good fight throughout the entire game but they were not able to pull through and win.

They will get another shot at their home game on Jan. 9th against Steele Canyon.