Whats Your Type?


Jackalyn Diaz, Helix Life Editor

We’re thirsty for your blood!


Last week, Helix Charter High School hosted its annual blood drive. This blood drive is held twice every school year, one first semester and one second semester.


With the help of the San Diego Blood Bank, staff and students are able to save lives by donating blood. Students can voluntarily sign up to donate blood as long as they meet the age requirement of 16, as well as filling out a health form prior to donating blood if under the age of 18. 


The blood that is donated is sent to different hospitals throughout San Diego, and most of the time used the same day it was donated.


After donating blood, students must wait another two weeks before donating blood again.

This year, the blood donation truck was located in front of the gym, and when you arrived, you were greeted by two members of ASB. You were given your choice of mini donuts and a bottle of water.


There were chairs and tables set up so that students could wait until they were called in.


Some students are experts when it comes to donating blood, and do it every time the blood bank comes to the school.  


Senior Oriana Moore says, “ I like donating blood because it makes me feel good that I could be saving someone’s life in doing so.”  

Senior Chelsea Nunez says, “I think it’s really important for more students to donate blood when we have this because it really does make a difference.”


However, many students chose to not donate blood because of the size of needle that’s used in the process and because of how much blood is taken.


But, take it from me, it’s actually not as bad as it looks! The pain is only temporary and it will go away. And once it’s over, you not only get the satisfaction of helping someone, but you also get free cookies.


So, next time the blood drive is at Helix, don’t be negative- donate blood and save a life!