‘Tis the Season for College Applications

Tis the Season for College Applications

Chelsea Nunez, Sports Editor

Fall is in the air which means Ugg boots are out, flannels are the new trend, and pumpkin spice is seasoning our drinks. However, for high school seniors, fall also means that the deadline for college applications is approaching.


Helix’s seniors are turning their attention from pumpkin patch visits and latte-drinking in order to complete their college applications before deadlines as early as November 1.


Oriana Moore, a senior who has already applied to three colleges, explains the contrast between the fall of her junior and senior year. “I’ve never been this busy before.”


Moore, who has already been accepted into Northern Arizona University, describes the process of applying as “easy” but “very time consuming” due to the many questions. “There are a lot of little details that need to be 100% correct so it’s kind of a lot of pressure.”


Deadlines are very strict when it comes to college applications. Once the deadline passes, if an application is not submitted, it is no longer valid.


Most applications opened on October 1. Universities of California, referred to as UC schools such as UCLA and UCSB, opened their essay prompts in August; however, October 1 was the first day to submit complete applications.


Deadlines vary for schools. For California State University schools, such as SDSU and SJSU, the deadline is November 1. However, for some schools like University of Oregon, the deadline isn’t until January 15.


Jaize Holt, a senior applying to mostly UC schools, describes her struggle with deadlines due to her busy schedule. “I have cheer all the time,” Jaize describes,” so trying to get these [ applications ] done while cheering and with homework has been kind of hard.”

Managing time is a key skill to have, especially in high school at the time of college applications.


“I procrastinate with everything, but I’m trying really hard not to with my applications,” Holt concludes.


Though it may be hard to struggle with adding college applications on top of homework and extracurriculars, the counselors are incentivizing the process with treats for those who apply before November 1.

If a student applies to a college by November 1, and is checked by either the college counselor Ms. Cathy Singer or the grade level counselors, a token will be given to the student. That token can be exchanged for an “I’ve applied” pin which grants the student a chance to receive a free Krispy Kreme donut, as well as access to an “I’ve applied” party.


Good luck to all seniors applying and go get your free donut!