The Greatest Homecoming Game on Earth

The Greatest Homecoming Game on Earth

Sydney Torres, Staff Writer

Helix Charter’s 2017 homecoming kicked off on October 21 with The Greatest Game on Earth, complete with cheerleaders, the crowning of a king and queen, and numerous touchdowns.

This year’s football game was a huge hit. The stands were filled with Scottie spirit, and the cheerleaders worked hard to keep it that way.

Both Junior Varsity and Varsity football teams won their games with a shutout, JV’s final score being 28-0 and Varsity 59-0. 

Helix Charter’s varsity football team started off with four touchdowns before the end of the quarter, putting Helix in the lead 28-0.


By halftime, Helix had gotten 5 touchdowns and left West Hills in the dust with a score of 35-0.

During halftime of the Varsity game, there were some special performances by Helix Tap Club and Dance. After these amazing performances, It was time for the Crowning of the King and Queen. The homecoming court consisted of Jaize Holt, Chelsea Nunez, Tausala Schwalger, Lucy Stronach, Leena Salem, Gabe Saltzman, Richie Kirkman, Landon Delgadillo, and Matthew Goldman.


During the next half, Helix earned two more touchdowns.

Before the end of the game, a West Hills player was seriously hurt and had to be driven the hospital. The fire department came and he was put on a stretcher.

The last touchdown of the night was made by #43 Joshua Shields giving Helix 7 more points and ending the game with a shutout. The score was 59-0.

And of course, you can’t have a homecoming football game without a fireworks show, which drew quite the crowd.

Congratulations to Jaize and Gabe for being crowned the homecoming King and Queen, and to the rest of the court for being the greatest homecoming court on earth!

What a way to kick off this year’s homecoming. It truly was The Greatest Game on Earth.