JV Volleyball Loses to Mission Bay


On Monday, September 11, Helix’s girls JV volleyball team lost to Mission Bay during the home game. Each match showed promise for the outcome to be a victory for our girls, yet in the end, we could not seem to pull through the after our win of the second match. After starting on a weak limb in the first match, as the match went on, after scoring a few more yet the opposing team keeping the lead, once the score hit 18 to 24, we found a way to catch up. At game point, 19 to 24, our strengths seemed to be visible as well as the atmosphere was more supportive, likely contributing to our sudden catch-up.

The energy to begin the game, from viewpoint of Isabel Padilla, a spectator of the game, was “dull and draining, could feel as though we [the spectators] expected a loss.”

Libero Mia Clemente, made some strong saves during the beginning of the first match, possibly being one of the largest factors stopping the other team from gaining too large of an advantage.

Ally Rein
Coach Isabel Fluetes anticipating the next play for her team

With the score at a nearing 9to 16, JV girls coach Isabel Fluetes calls a timeout, in which the girls were spoken to about the attitude of the game, which then seemed to improve their outlook on the game.

As the score reaches 13 to 18, it is apparent that our hitters began to recuperate and our libero continued to give it her all as she made some game-changing saves. The anticipation of which players would receive and hit the ball was strong throughout the whole match.

In between the many occasions in which the other team hit the ball to the ceiling, creating not only great disruption during the game yet also stirred a laugh from both sides, stands and teams.

As the energy in the gym began to be more uplifting, following a strong and thorough serve by number 4, (position, name), the score reaches 18 to 24, which is also the other team’s game point. After multiple rounds being a game point for the other team, the match was drawn to an end as the score hits 21 to 25, after our team showing a chance to pull through and score the points necessary to win the match.

Ally Rein

To begin the second match, the cheerleaders began to lighten the mood in the stands, seemingly revitalized the clearly discouraged girls.

After two points for the other team made by minor mistakes caused by misunderstanding during the beginning of the match, our team began to communicate and anticipate strongly. Due to this, multiple strong plays made as a team rather than as an individual, led to the score reaching 7 to 3.

At this point, the energy in the gym was positive and cheerful, and with that, our girls continued to make some strong saves and play as a team.

As the score neared to a tie, 7 to 6, the team’s small mistakes such as miscommunication began to show as they played a more timid match.

Throughout the rest of match 2, the players who seemed to be playing with caution, as well as the miscommunication, lost the lead.

Ally Rein

Down 8 to 10, our girls seemed to find a way to recuperate and take the lead through strong plays, most apparent in the middle back and libero positions, allowing us to catch up and reach a score of 12 to 12.

Although, yet again our teamwork seemed to disappear while the score raises as the frustration of our girls grows.

By the time the score is 13 to 18, the cheerleaders began to chant in the stands, leading to a more supportive environment, likely contributing to our victory with the score at 25 to 21.

As the room is filled with the enjoyment of the victory of the second match, the outlook of the game is looking positive, especially as we start with a lead of 7 to 2 succeeding plays made by not only individuals, yet by all players on the court.

By the time the score is 10 to 5, after our strong consecutive plays, the other team seems to feel as though they can not win the match.

Once it seems as though our team may have had a surge of overconfidence, the team uses this to take advantage and play their strongest plays, giving them a fair chance with the score reaching 13 to 8.

As our team begins to make a strong play which showed promise, they are briefly interrupted by a sibling of a player from the freshman team, which, all though disrupted the game, certainly raised the spirits in the room.

After this, though, our plays were not being completed by the team as a whole, leading to the score reaching 14 to 14.

The atmosphere was at a low, which even the cheerleaders could not brighten, although their efforts were strong.

Ally Rein

 With this tense feeling in the air, as the person to score the next two points wins the match, it seems as though the odds are in favor of both teams. After two plays which were met with hesitation from our hitters, the score reaches 14 to 16, and the match is ended with a 2 to 3 victory for Mission Bay.

Although this game resulted in a loss for our girls, according to opposite Shelby Pletcher, says that “whether we lose or win, we’re still a family that loves and supports each other through every practice, every play, and every game.”

Although the game was not one of their best, they proved that no matter the expectations from a game, they can fight to keep together as a team.

“We have, as individuals, a lot of strong aspects as well as weak spots we need to work on, yet no matter what, as a team, we need to continue to maintain our playing as a whole,” Pletcher said.

Even with a loss, this team will remain a group of individuals who have come together as one to create a lasting effect.