Local Bands at Helix

San Diego has a large underground music scene, and some of these artists go to Helix.


Rosalie Weas, Staff Writer

The talented young musicians of Helix are enriching the San Diego music scene.

Evan Ojeda, a senior at Helix, just recently came out with his sixth album, “Walk”. He and his fellow bandmates hosted a house show including other San Diego artists.  Elijah Gibbins-Croft, a sophomore at Helix is the drummer for Ojeda’s band. Elijah also plays lead in the band Foxtide.

At the show, Ojeda and Gibbins-Croft played several new songs and some from previous records. “Boxx Office” is a progressive/alternative rock band with heavy influences including Radiohead and Tame Impala.

The interesting name Boxx Office came from Ojeda’s Spanish class. He pondered, “I was in Spanish class and I was translating vocab, and I was translating the word “taquilla” which means box office. Box office. That’s a cool name, so I took it.” Readers can listen to Boxx Office on Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.










Isaac Sweat, a senior at Helix, is another local musician, and he is in a group called ATP. It stands for “All Together Pit Boys” and is a group that has more of an alternative, punk/funk and hip-hop vibe. You can find his music on his Soundcloud at “BbyBoyI$aac” where he posts his own tracks.



Soundcloud artist, Diego Tidwell, a junior at Helix, is in a band with his brother, Lucas Tidwell, a class of 2017 Helix alumni. The two go under the name of “Street Surfers.” Diego explains that after a lot of re-labeling, the name Street Surfers came to life.

Tidwell opens up about his own inspirations and how bands like, Surf Curse and Sadgirl really influenced the way he plays and how Street Surfers modeled their sound after. “We really drew our inspiration from underground surf rock bands,” states Tidwell.

Tidwell adds that his own musical inspiration comes from the rock band, Black Sabbath as well; they have really shaped the way he plays.

Helix is proud to have these talented students that are trailblazing local music and are doing what they love by expressing themselves through music.