Album Review: Jay-z’s 4:44

Album Review: Jay-zs 4:44

serena sanchez, Staff Writer

Having sold over one million records since the release of 4:44, Jay-z is sure to keep that number rising.

On June 30, 2017, 4:44 dropped, and its style is one to admire.

4:44 incorporates a very powerful message throughout the lyrics of each song. With ten songs included in this album, each song takes listeners on a different journey. After listening to all ten songs, I can firmly state that the whole album in general was everything I didn’t expect.

Jay-z shares about the ongoing issues in the African American community, and also hints about his affairs in his marriage with Beyonce. As Jay-z states in an interview conducted by RapRadar, ”I’ve never been so open for so long,” and this is what makes, 4:44 unique.

When it comes to music, I am not usually one to wander in and explore, but Jay-z incorporates authenticity in his music, making connections, and pairing important issues in the world,with his own ideas and solutions. And although I would not recommend all of his music, I would definitely recommend his album.

In, “Bam,” my favorite track on 4:44, Jay-z touches on the roots of traditional Jamaican music. Jay-z, having grown up with Bob Marley’s music infuses a very soulful and unique connection to one’s self respect and ethnic background .As Jay-z describes, “ I didn’t want to make an album to put out some music, I wanted it to be important.”

Jay-z provides an inside look of his life, with a sense of inspiration .providing listeners with his perception of love to your significant other as well as his outlook and faithfulness of his marriage with Beyonce. As he states in his hit “4:44,” “And if my children knew I don’t even know what I would do If they ain’t look at me the same I would prob’ly die with all the shame “You did what with who?’”

“I would definitely recommend it,” shares Helix sophomore, Mahamed Abdulahi , and I second that. Even if you don’t usually tend to listen to Hip Hop or Rap, make sure you take the time and give Jay-z’s latest album a chance. You might just find yourself adding some of his songs to your playlist.