Football Preview


Romeo Sharpe, Staff Writer


The start of school isn’t always exciting, but the return of Helix football is!

After a devastating blow in the CIF championship game last season to Cathedral Catholic, second year Head Coach, Robbie Owens, and his number one team in San Diego kicked the season off last Friday, August 25th with a statement-making win against Utah’s Herriman High School.

Helix has a long tradition of winning and great coaching. The expectation is to continue both.

Prior to the game, I sat down with Coach Owens to discuss his expectations and feelings going into the first game.

“Always very high expectations coming into Helix,” Coach Owens confidently states,“ I knew my expectation taking this job is to compete with any team in the country.”

Those are some high expectations for this upcoming season, assisted by last Friday’s domination over Herriman, having won State two years ago. Coach Owens knows what his team is capable of and the skills they posses.

Tensions heightened  with 26 seniors returning including Quarterback Carson Baker, Rashad Scott, and four of the five offensive linemen are 

making their return. 

I sat down with some of the players to get their insights on the 2017-2018 campaign. Senior, Carson Baker, kept it very simple when I asked what he expects out of this first game, “ I expect us to win.”

Wide Receiver, Terrance McIntyre, briefly explained his expectation going into the game, “Going into the game I expect us to obviously win and play the best to our ability.”

I also spoke with lineman, Lopaka Rojas, who expressed his opinion on how well Coach Owens is getting him and the team prepared for this game by stating how they go 110%  each and every play in practice and how it translates into the game.

Isaiah Wooden also gave me some information about his feelings towards playing out-of-state teams – “It’s a good experience…gets us ready for the next level.”

Students at Helix are also excited for the season. I asked various students who they are most excited to see and many gave similar responses.

Marcos Waltz, an 11th grader exclaims with joy, “I am excited to watch Isaac Taylor-Stuart.”

“My boy Terrance is about to have a good year. I am ready to see what he’s got,” senior Javon Davis says confidently.    

Although they have one of the toughest schedules, Coach Owens and his players are very confident in what’s to come going into week one and for the rest of the season. Safe to say, we can continue to expect big things from Helix Football.