Helix Goes Solar


Rosalie Weas , Staff Writer

Sun-powered panels shine bright for the future.

 If you have been paying attention to the construction around Helix, then you have probably noticed the big changes happening in the parking lot. Helix is installing solar panels!

Many questions have arose involving the plans for the solar panels and when they will be finished.

Kevin Osborn, the Executive Director of Helix, talked about up and coming construction project. He said that, and the administrative board’s, goal for this project was planned over a course of several years.

Helix is a big school that uses a lot of electricity. Solar panels are a good way to save money in the future and help the environment.

Mr. Osborn mentioned that, “the economic impact will, at the beginning, be smaller, but as the years progress it will grow. With at least 100,000 savings this year and then toward the end of the contract, it will be at least half a million dollars in savings.”

With all this extra cash Helix will have, Mr. Osborn and the administrative board plans to use that money to improve facilities.

Even though solar panels have a long-term benefit, there is a temporary problem -the chaos in the parking lot.

Getting in and out of the parking lot and trying to find a space has become a hassle according to Helix students.

 I talked to Maya Braunwarth, a Helix junior who drives to and from Helix everyday. She believes, “It is harder to park in parking spots because of the construction parking spaces,”adding that she thankfully has never been late because, “I don’t have a first period, but I feel like I have to be here earlier to find a space.”

 Referring to the congestion, Mr. Osborn agrees, “-that there has been a lot of congestion,” but, “a lot of the [congestion] issues have [been] resolved.”

After months of working on the solar panels, the project is headed for an October finish. Once the solar panels are installed, students will see the results around campus and how it will affect the parking lot.